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Get the full spectrum of drug and alcohol treatment in beautiful Nashua, New Hampshire.

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All therapists working with clients at GateHouse's facilities are highly educated with masters degrees and extensive experience in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our clinicians will work closely with you in group and individual sessions.

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GateHouse Treatment strives to exceed industry standards, while always providing the best treatment for our clients This is clear because of our Joint Commission accreditation. We want you to be confident in your decision to choose GateHouse Treatment.

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GateHouse Treatment believes in a multi-pronged approach to treating addiction and alcoholism. The best results are when our clients live in spacious, clean homes with around the clock supervision while receiving therapy at our drug treatment centers.

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Everyone has their own stories, and unique treatment needs. Our customized treatment plans treat the individual.

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GateHouse's Gender Specific Programs allows Women and Men to focus on their sobriety in separate tracks. Gender separation leads to better clinical outcomes & lasting sobriety.


GateHouse Treatment Works

Hear what our clients have to say about us directly from them. Unfiltered testimonial from those who have experienced life in active addiction and sobriety due to the treatment we provide These people have found help at GateHouse Treatment and now live now live free from drugs and alcohol.

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Split Decision

There are two clear paths in life that you can take. A life in active addiction, with the pain it brings to you and your loved ones around you, or with the help of a drug treatment center, find joy and love in your life again.

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Making Sobriety a Way of Life

At GateHouse Treatment, we not only teach our clients coping skills to handle daily life stressors, but also life skills so they can succeed in long-term recovery.

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Addiction and alcoholism can have serious repercussions and consequences in your life. These can show up in the form of strained family and professional relationships, legal problems, worsening mental health, and financial stressors. Your first step to finding a new life is to help yourself get clean and sober. GateHouse Treatment can help you set up your foundation for a better life. We provide our clients the tools they need to get clean, find a recovery program with drug treatment centers and achieve their future goals and aspirations.

There is help available. Our admissions specialists are experienced and compassionate people who are standing by to help you get started on your recovery journey. Change starts with your decision to find a new way to live. Addiction can be a vicious cycle of struggle, disappointment, and pain. GateHouse Treatment is your solution to break that cycle.

Family Program

Your loved one is embarking on a path that is going to be tough, yet one of the most rewarding. As family of a person suffering from substance abuse disorder, you have experienced all the turmoil and chaos along with them. What is important to know, is that you can also experience the rewards of the amazing journey of recovery. GateHouse Treatment recognizes this time may be confusing and overwhelming. The Family Program we host is the beginning of your own journey of healing. Addiction is a family disease and we can only heal together.

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Drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic, progressive and eventually fatal diseases. Substance abuse is becoming a growing national crisis. Most people know someone suffering from addiction, and more commonly today, know someone who has lost a family member from overdose.
According to the United States Surgeon General, over 27 million people reported current misuse of illicit or prescription drugs and over 66 million have reported binge drinking in the past month. Combined, drug addiction and alcoholism have cost the United States over $450 billion.
Don’t become another statistic. Those suffering have experienced devastating emotional, spiritual, and physical outcomes of their using.
Life may seem dull, hopeless, and grim right now in the throes of addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, GateHouse Treatment can provide you the hope for a better life with drug treatment centers.

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Studies have shown that of the millions of Americans suffering from addiction and alcoholism, only 10 percent of people seek treatment for their problem. Behind the hope, GateHouse Treatment has real, tangible solutions for your substance abuse problem.
Our clinical staff develops tailor-made treatment plans for you, as a unique individual, to ensure we address your specific needs while entering early recovery. Our Case Management team allows you to focus primarily on your therapy and recovery while in our program by giving you the resources and tools you need to handle other pending financial or legal problems. You may be asking yourself: “Do we have long-term drug treatment centers near me for those who need it, providing essential support services such as sober living houses, and an introduction to the 12-step fellowship programs. GateHouse Treatment understands maintaining recovery after treatment is often difficult and have a tight-knit alumni community that provides support and accountability for one another.

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