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Effective Addiction Treatment in a Family Setting

GateHouse Treatment is not just another drug rehab in Florida or New Hampshire. We stand out amongst our peers because we treat the entire person, not just the addiction that brought them to us. We are deeply invested in the health, success, and happiness of everyone we encounter.
At GateHouse Treatment, our staff and clients work together toward clearly defined recovery goals. We are more like a family than a business venture. Together we become, a close knit and supportive family that practices love, compassion, and mutual healing on a daily basis.

Providing Support and Guidance for a Difficult Journey

Recovery is not a walk in the park. We do not enable our clients by being too soft on them. That method would run counter productive to our purpose and our philosophy, which both include challenging the addict to work diligently and become an active participant in their recovery.

We treat our clients with all the care and compassion they deserve, even as we encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and help others no matter what. This is all part of our holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment and is one of the main reasons our programs produce long-term results.

Your life is too important to neglect.

Don’t let addiction stop you from being you.

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Our Proven Approach to Addiction Treatment and Recovery

The details involved in our programs get a little bit more complex.We believe, two basic ideas drive everything that teach and help addicts recover at GateHouseTreatment. Once you understand these two ideas, the nuances follow easily.

The first idea is that we care very deeply for our clients and their families. We know firsthand the horrors they experience because of addiction. We want nothing more than to help relieve their suffering. We consider it a sacred vow to deliver evidence based and compassionate treatment to everyone who walks through our door.

The second idea is that we take addiction very seriously at GateHouse Treatment. We take it for exactly what it is – a horrible and deadly disease that turns the sufferer into a puppet and forces him to participate in his own destruction. These self destructive tendencies have convinced us that only a profound internal change can lead an addict or alcoholic to recovery.

The end result is a return to health and a life worth living. We tend to the whole spectrum of our clients’ unique needs so that they emerge from our facilities equipped for the long haul of recovery.

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