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At our drug and alcohol treatment facility in New Hampshire, GateHouse offers a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for those clients who need a higher level of care than they can receive in an outpatient setting.

Also referred to as Day/Night treatment, Partial Hospitalization is an intermediate level of care between outpatient and residential or inpatient programs. In some ways, it can be seen as a combination of these two levels of care. Our PHP offers the same level of intensive treatment as an inpatient facility while still allowing for a respite from the clinical environment.

How Our Partial Hospitalization Operates

Clients enrolled in PHP participate in treatment sessions for approximately five days a week, for a total of approximately thirty hours. Treatment modes in PHP include individual and group therapy sessions, peer support, relapse prevention, and 12-step meetings.

Like all of GateHouse Treatment’s programs, our PHP is staffed by compassionate professionals who have a deep understanding of addiction and recovery. The combination of individual and group therapy session helps clients process the complex emotions and trauma that led to their addictions, while the peer support they receive at 12-step meetings gets them involved in constructive action.

While clients are involved in our Partial Hospitalization Program, they live in our comfortable and highly structured sober home. In addition to providing much needed support, our sober homes also help clients develop the discipline and interpersonal relationships so necessary to long term recovery.

Taken together, these programs help to stabilize our clients and reintegrate them into the community.  They establish a foundation that the now recovering addict or alcoholic can continue to build on for a lifetime.

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Individualized Care for the Recovery You Want

Even though they share the deadly disease of addiction, every person with a substance abuse problem is unique. They have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as distinctive ways of coping with their emotions. These different kinds of addicts and alcoholics can (and do!) find common ground on their way to recovery, but it’s important to understand and respect their varying needs.

We understand this very well at GateHouse Treatment. We have learned, from both experience and study, that a generic and one size fits all approach rarely work in addiction treatment. This is why we take time getting to know our clients before designing a care program for them– because it is the best way to individualize their treatment and help them achieve a recovery that is personally satisfying.

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