Treatment Support

Treatment Support

If someone you love is in treatment, it can be a hopeful yet fearful time in your life. Knowing what to expect when your loved one is in treatment can help ease the uncertainty. There are many emotions both you and your loved one in treatment can experience when your loved one first enters a drug rehab.

Questions like what you could have done differently, or who to place blame on for your current circumstances can be normal. At GateHouse Treatment we believe in looking forward to the solutions and working together as a team with your family. We offer our expertise and team to help your loved one in treatment. Your whole family can recover from the disease of addiction.
When you have a loved one in treatment, there are some things you can do as a family to support your loved one recover.

How to support your loved one in treatment:

  • Be supportive
  • Communicate that you are there to help but no longer enable
  • Educate yourself on addiction
  • Understand why contact with you is limited at first
  • Ask questions if needed to the professionals that are there to help
  • Participate in Family Weekend Program
  • Understand the importance of family involvement and support in recovery
  • Participate in a family therapy session if possible
  • Seek help for yourself

Be Supportive

Clinical research shows that family involvement and support during the rehab process works better to provide long-term sobriety for the suffering individual. Reassurance is vital in the process and encouraging, and kind words allow someone to know they are worth recovering and deserve a better life. In being supportive we can step back into the enabling role. There is a difference in being supportive of your loved one in treatment and enabling them to continue old behaviors. Setting healthy boundaries that you enforce starting while they’re in treatment will make it easier to continue implementing them once they are out of treatment. Talk and participate in the Family Program to learn how you can best help yourself and your loved one to begin the path to recovery.

Family Disease, Family Recovery

At GateHouse Treatment we are huge proponents of our Family Program. Often the person suffering from substance abuse think they are the only ones affected when it ripples throughout the household and the family. Participating in our Family Program, you will be educated on what addiction is from a clinical standpoint. You will have a professional therapist, and clinicians to answer any questions you may have regarding the recovery process. Just as addiction takes its toll on the whole family, so can recovery. It can have a positive outcome for the entire family unit. If you are unable to participate in our Family Program, there is help you can still seek for yourself. There are countless support groups such as Alanon and Naranon, outside therapy and counseling. The Family Program is a foundation to start on with the family recovery; it gives everyone a chance to be involved and have someone to mediate any situations that may arise and can provide the healthy coping skills and techniques we don’t always possess on our own.