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Bigger Than Me – Episode 15 – Defects, defects, defects

This week on Bigger Than Me, Rocky and Bri discuss steps 6 & 7, and character defects. There’s an idea that there is only 4 cardinal character defects dishonesty, fear, resentment, and selfishness. Almost all of our character defects can be narrowed back down into one or more of these 4 defects.

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Bigger Than Me – Episode 14 – Meditation in Recovery

On this week’s episode of Bigger Than Me, Rocky and Bri discuss meditation. Rocky starts off saying that meditation is probably the least done suggestion of all the 12 step fellowships. “So, who is a good meditator? One who meditates” is the quote that started off the blog that Rocky wrote about meditation. There are

Bigger Than Me – Episode 13 – Self-care in Recovery

This week Rocky and Bri get into the topic of self-care and recovery. A common misconception of what self-care is the, “Treat yo’self” idea that so many people use. Self-care is so much more than just treating yourself; it’s the small actions that we can do in our daily lives to improve the way we

Bigger Than Me – Episode 12 – Gender-Specific Treatment

GateHouse Treatment recently opened a women’s program and in light of that Rocky and Bri discuss gender-specific treatment on this week’s episode of Bigger Than Me. Gender-specific treatment has pros and cons just as co-ed treatment does. In treatment the focus needs to be on getting better, not worrying about the opposite gender, it carries

Bigger Than Me – Rebel Recovery

This week on Bigger Than Me, Rocky has on a special guest. Justin Kunzelman is a person in recovery who is best known for his non-profit organization Rebel Recovery Florida. Justin’s story is like many of those in recovery in the beginning. He met Rocky and began his path to the harm reduction leader that

Bigger Than Me – 3 Relationships

On Episode 10 of Bigger Than Me, Rocky discusses the 3 most important relationships that you need in recovery and life in general. The 3 relationships are with a Higher Power, self and others. It’s a universal truth and it also directly correlates with recovery and a 12 step program. Rocky brings up the point that you

Bigger Than Me – Brokers and Jokers

A segment from John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight, talking about the treatment industry and the “South Florida Shuffle” spurred this week’s episode of Bigger Than Me. Chris Foster and Rocky spearhead this topic as it’s something that both of them feel passionately about. John Oliver highlights so many of the things that are wrong. Unfortunately, nobody

Bigger Than Me- Workplace and Recovery

On Episode 8 of Bigger Than Me, Rocky has Chris Foster GateHouse Treatment COO and Bri again. The topic this time is the stigma and addiction in the workplace. Foster points out from the beginning a “McJob” is often the first job in early recovery. It’s usually hard for us to get a job with our work

Bigger Than Me – Choice V Disease

This week on Bigger Than Me, Rocky has on a special guest. Chris Foster, GateHouse Treatment COO. The topic of conversation was one that has been plaguing those in recovery and active addiction for years. Addiction is a choice, not a disease. To see what the reaction of the public is, Rocky decided to put

Bigger Than Me – Stigma and Family

This week on Bigger Than Me, Rocky tackles a subject that has affected who have dealt with addiction. Whether they be on the side of the addict or the family member, how does the family deal with stigma? It affects everyone from the person who is seeking help, to the family members.

Bigger Than Me – Social Media and Recovery

Anonymous: (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name. The topic of anonymity and social media is the conversation this week on Bigger Than Me with Rocky and the newest addition to the team, Bri. Almost everyone in and out of fellowships has a social media account of some sort. There are pages that

Bigger Than Me – The First Stigma

On Bigger Than Me week 4, Rocky and T discuss the topic of stigma and how it’s incredibly detrimental to those seeking recovery and those who are affected by the disease of addiction. Through personal experience and the way, they’ve seen other people react to someone disclosing being in recovery. An incredibly bold article title

Bigger Than Me, Addiction is a Family Disease

On week 3 of the Bigger Than Me podcast Rocky brings his mom on the show, he wanted her insight on the show as a parent of a child in active addiction/recovery and as someone in recovery themselves. At the age of 15 Rocky’s mom brought him to his first AA meeting. It was Father’s

Bigger Than Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a crucial part of the 12-step programs and in keeping the addict or alcoholic achieve long-term sobriety. The twelfth step of the program states, “having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

Bigger Than Me Pilot

What is a “sober community?” A community, by definition is a “group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.” Addiction is so widespread in our country today, that one in four Americans are affected by addiction and alcoholism in our community. A Sober community by that definition is a group of people with an interest in tackling the widespread addiction crisis our country as a whole is facing.How does our community define our characters and who we think we are? One such factor is our childhood and the things we are told as a child. No matter the financial or emotional circumstances, what is important is the message we receive from our community. What we are told by our community in our childhood is important in defining ourselves later in life.