Meet The Staff

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy

Recovery Coordinator

As an alumnus of GateHouse and person in long-term recovery since 2014, Joe guides and assists clients through the recovery process and 12 Steps.  He is firmly planted in the recovery community so he can assist in the process of finding sponsors, home-groups and pointing clients in the right direction in many facets of the recoveries.  Joe oversees the day to day sober living residences and provides a layer of accountability in life skills such as cleanliness, curfew, following rules, job searches and much more.

Joe is very passionate about the 12 Steps and works with each client individually with their own understanding of the principles and concepts of the program.   He educates those who have never participated in a fellowship as well as those who have tried in the past and need some guidance in our very structured environment.  He monitors recovery progress and provides motivation and suggestions when necessary.

Joe provides firsthand knowledge and experience with alcohol and drug addiction as he walks clients through the formidable task of connecting and being honest with others and believing in the process which has saved the lives of millions of people – working the 12 steps, being part of a fellowship and becoming a happy and useful member of society.