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Matt Elliot CRC

Matt Elliot CRC

Client Liason

Matthew Elliot is one of the many success stories that has come out of GateHouse Treatment. As an alumnus of the program, Matthew went from being a client to a house manager for a year and a half, giving him the opportunity to take everything he had learned about recovery at GateHouse Treatment and his own fellowship program, and bring it to the clients he managed. He now serves as a Case Manager on the Case Management team at GateHouse Treatment in New Hampshire.

Matthew believes strongly in what we do here at GateHouse Treatment. He knows through his own experience that a balanced approach to recovery including therapy, the 12 steps, building a community of fellows in recovery, and rigorous action to improve one’s life are all crucial in achieving long term sobriety.

After working as a license insurance agent for many years, Matthew switched careers to working in treatment when he started as a house manager with GateHouse Treatment. Since then, he has furthered his education and has become a Certified Recovery Coach. He continues to work towards a CRSW licensure as well.

Matthew, along with the rest of the Case Management team works hard to ensure all legal and financial matters as well as outside appointments our clients need are handled in a timely and professional matter. They act as the court liaisons to help clients address any pending legal matters they may have when coming into treatment.