Meet The Staff

Mitch Pierce CRSW

Mitch Pierce CRSW

Clinical Support Supervisor

As a person in long term recovery and a GateHouse alumni, Mitch is very passionately invested in the work he does for GateHouse Treatment. He works to help clients find a new way of life through recovery and sobriety. He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, a Certified Recovery Coach, and is finishing up his training as a Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW). Mitch uses his education for the greater good by connecting clients to local resources and working with them to develop meaningful life goals.

Mitch’s work is a core part of the GateHouse Treatment curriculum. He aids clients in resume building and creating personal budgets, as well as helping them develop time management and other life skills that directly correlate with sobriety and becoming a functioning member of society.

Mitch has extensive training in the areas of ethical boundaries, peer recovery support, suicide prevention, and HIV/AIDS awareness. In his free time, he is active in the local 12-Step community and takes great joy in being a horticulture enthusiast.