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DAY and Night Program with Community Housing

GateHouse Treatment offers a Day and Night drug Treatment facilities Program with Community Housing for our clients. The design of the program is meant to allow you to rebuild your life while also staying accountable to your recovery by staying in our residence, attending groups, individual therapy, case management sessions, medical provider appointments and 12 step meetings.

GateHouse Day and Night drug treatment facilities is a great option for you or your loved one after you have completed a medical detox and are ready to take the next step. The purpose of the Day and Night Treatment programs is to allow clients to start reintegrating into society while still focusing on their recovery and therapy. Day and Night Program phase is designed to meet the specific strengths, needs, and treatment goals of each participant. This phase of treatment is paramount to ensure long-term sobriety.

Prior to admitting to the Day and Night Treatment program at GateHouse Treatment, clients will undergo a biopsychosocial assessment to provide our clinical team all the information they need to develop a customized plan that can monitor the client’s progress through the program.

During the Day and Night Treatment phase at GateHouse Treatment, clients will attend 6 hours of group therapy sessions daily. In order to be able to participate in such intensive therapy sessions, the client must have completed medical detoxification and achieve a degree of stability that will fully allow them to engage and benefit from the therapy.

Included in the Day and Night Treatment program are five key components:

Individual Therapy: One-on-one sessions can be of great value for clients. This gives them an opportunity to have a private therapy session weekly with one of our master’s level clinicians. This time can be used in several different ways. Clients may discuss their progress through treatment, setbacks, and successes in recovery, or address current issues or concerns they might have and be unwilling to discuss openly in a group setting.

Group Therapy: Group therapy is a fundamental part of any phase of treatment. During the Day and Night Treatment, clients will attend multiple groups each day. Group therapy allows individuals to share, and learn from the experiences of others, and receive support from those that are in a similar situation. This allows the group to learn there are benefits from peer support. Through proper communication, led by a therapist, clients can learn skills that are essential to their long-term recovery.

Family Sessions: Addiction is a family disease. The impact of having a loved one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can be felt across the whole family. The same way family members can be affected by their loved one’s struggles, it is crucial for them to also play a role in their recovery. The therapists will work with the client and client’s family through family therapy sessions that can be done at the facility or through phone/skype sessions. For more information on how the family can participate in their loved one’s recovery, GateHouse Treatment offers a family program free of charge to our client’s families. For more information, visit our Family Program page.

Medication Management: Certain psychotropic medications are necessary for those suffering from a mental health illness along with substance abuse. After visiting with our psychiatrist, they will discuss a medication plan with the patient, using only non-narcotic medications to benefit the patient. When a client in our Day/Night Program has been prescribed medication, the client will be educated on the medication prescribed and a staff member will oversee all dispensing of medications from a locked safe at -regular and routine- times through out the day. This medication management is good preparation for healthy medication management once the client leaves the facility.

Community Housing: While in our Day and Night Treatment program at GateHouse Treatment, we have safe and structured housing for the clients to live in with transportation to and from the center. At the Day and Night level, there is round the clock supervision, and support from staff. Living at GateHouse residences allows the client to learn self-care, discipline, and responsibility.

Day and Night Treatment Overview:

  • Provides opportunities for you to develop communication skills and participate in socialization experiences
  • Allows our clients to  begin to prepare for find employment and learn to balance their time between recovery and work search commitments
  • Includes group where the clients benefit from peer support and interaction
  • Provides continued structure and discipline for our clients to keep their momentum from their clinical programs in their recovery
  • Includes addressing family relations in an individualized and group setting to allow our clients to begin mending and rebuilding these relationships.
  • Continues immersion into 12-step programs with outside Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, encouraging our clients to get with a sponsor and take suggestions made in the fellowships.

Our Day and Night Treatment Program is specifically designed with individualized treatment plans for each client including: one-on-one therapy, case management, safe and structured housing, 12-step program immersion so that our clients have the tools they need for long-term sobriety.

If you would like more information about our Day and Night Treatment Program, call our admissions specialists today. Anything you say is 100% confidential.