Night Time Rehab


At our GateHouse Treatment rehab after work program, you can find the help you need to get sober while still maintaining your job and home life.  GateHouse Treatment will create an individualized plan which will help you balance your life commitments while seeking care for the addiction that threatens them.  Our night-time rehab program consists of a few hours a night, three times a week.  This program is designed to ensure you can find and maintain long-term sobriety from alcohol and drugs.

It is important to note that this phase of treatment is only suggested to those who have completed medical detoxification and preferably a higher level of care, such as our GateHouse Treatment rehab after work program or Intensive Outpatient.

We have clinicians and a very experienced admissions team that can work with you to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the Night-time Rehab program. With less supervision and structure, it can make it difficult to maintain long-term sobriety. GateHouse Treatment understands that some people cannot put their lives on hold whether it be a job or family commitments, and those people still deserve an opportunity to find recovery from drugs and alcohol.


  • Seek help while being in the comfort of your home and attending to your job and family
  • Individualized care a few nights a week in Nashua
  • Our confidential program is designed to help you get the care you need without being sent away for months
  • Live at home, attend work, and overcome addiction in a convenient night-time setting
  • Achieve sobriety at night while continuing to be responsible in daily life

Our evening drug rehab program is run by educated professionals with decades of experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction.  This program gives you all the components of a traditional hospitalization rehab without requiring you to change your daily schedule.

Our GateHouse Treatment Rehab after work program schedule is specifically tailored for each individual.  At GateHouse Treatment, you will have individual therapy sessions with a specialized addiction counselor, group therapy, biofeedback sessions and relapse prevention skills groups.

The clients interested in scheduling evening therapy sessions and participating in our Night-time Rehab will be able to reap all the benefits our Intensive Outpatient Program offers, as well as continuing their jobs and responsibilities.


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