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There are a lot of alcohol and drug treatment options out there for men struggling with addiction, so you might be asking yourself “Why should I choose GateHouse Treatment over all of my other options?”

If so, it is an excellent question. One that every addiction treatment facility should have to answer. Our response begins with our ethical message: GateHouse Treatment is where you go when you are done with the “treatment shuffle.” If you have failed at other treatment centers, then GateHouse has what you need to succeed. You come to us when you are truly ready to get clean and sober.

Not all Addiction Treatment Centers Are Created Equal

There is no easy way to put this, so let’s be honest right up front. Addiction wants to take everything you have and then kill you. That is what you are up against when you are seeking addiction treatment. You need to be very cautious when choosing where to enroll.

The question “Why should I choose GateHouse Treatment?” is actually quite reasonable. It is a question we are more than happy to field, for a variety of reasons. In fact, we would not want it any other way.

We will go a little deeper in a moment, but the short answer is that we GET RESULTS. Men enter GateHouse Treatment in pretty bad shape most of the time – sick, strung out, and in complete despair. When they finish our program, they come out transformed, healthy, and equipped for long term recovery.

Family Program at GateHouse Treatment Centers
The opportunity for change is here.

All you have to do is walk through the door.

How We Operate is Our Best Marketing Tool

The most convincing way to answer this question is by describing what we do on a daily basis to help addicts and alcoholics start to recover. What will emerge is a snapshot of our dedication, compassion, and focus.

Our men’s addiction treatment programs are challenging, disciplined, and highly structured.  They offer group and individual sessions five days a week, including therapy and 12 step meetings, as well as, relapse prevention workshops.

The individual therapy sessions are where clients can process the often intense and painful experiences that led to their addictions. While the group sessions provide peer support and instruction. In order to supplement the 12-step meeting approach, there are also book study sessions most days of the week.

We treat one another with all the love and compassion that any family does. When you combine this sense of community with the therapeutic benefit of our programs and the enhanced spirituality of the 12 Steps, you begin to get an idea of how the magic happens at GateHouse Treatment.

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